Fraping the Barrel

I have a bit of a problem with a common piece of social media terminology.  The word “frape” is used to describe the action of another person using your Facebook account to post something, without your knowledge, which is usually humorous and/or embarrassing, and making it look like you posted it yourself. It is not […]

Corbyn Tween A Rock and a Hard Place

I never intended for this blog to be a place for me to air my political views and, in fact, very few of my posts have had anything to do with politics, but  it is just a fact that, right now, politics is on my mind a lot.  I have mentioned a few times in […]

After Manchester, a Time for Change

I have recently become very angered by captioned pictures, posted on social media by far right groups, of those who fought and died in world wars,  or of Enoch Powell, and conflating these with the horrific tragedy in Manchester.  I find this abhorrent. It is, in my opinion, hugely disrespectful to the memory of those who […]

Fact or Santa-sy

So – Santa Claus, St Nicholas, Father Christmas – who is he and what has he got to do with a celebration of the birth of someone who died centuries before he was born? As Christmas rapidly approaches I began pondering this very topic lately. Someone I know recently complained that Christmas is becoming “too […]

The Expanding Middle

I recently celebrated my 50th  birthday.  I am still middle aged, just more so.  The problem is that middle aged is a very subjective term.  There is no official universally agreed definition of when it starts or ends.  When I was younger I felt the point at which it started was earlier than I later considered […]

Sitting on Offence

As a middle aged British man, I have a particular perspective on political correctness, as it is, from my point of view, relatively new.   Born in the sixties and growing up, at least in media awareness terms, in the seventies, much of mainstream media was the polar opposite of what is now considered to […]

Brexit Crumbs

I voted Remain.  Leave won.  I backed the losing side in a two horse race (yes I know that is a mixed metaphor).  I am angry about the result. I feel wretched to be pulled out of something I so passionately support, but, as I am frequently told, “democracy has spoken”. The people have spoken […]