England, whose England?

Let’s look at this Syrian thing from a different angle. I was not born in England. I made a choice a long time ago to move to England to find work. I now work in England. I live in England, I contribute to the local economy where I live. Yes, there have been periods where […]

Jeans Are The New Blank

When my wife and I first got together (a very long time ago) she used to amuse me by her insistence on ensuring bra and underpants were always a matching set. She would not go out with mismatches – not even the same colour was good enough; they were always bought as a set. I […]

A Respectful Rejection of Religion

I am an atheist.  Right, now that the controversial statement is out of the way, let me prefix the remainder of this blog post by stating that I in no way seek to undermine, decry, criticise, belittle nor refute those for whom both religion and faith are extremely important elements in their lives. I have […]

Art for Who’s Sake?

Here is a question, perhaps similar to the old one about a tree falling over in an empty forest – what exactly is art, who defines it and how? If a piece of art (whether it be a painting, a poem, a sculpture or even a piece of music, for example) is kept hidden by […]

The Answer to Why I Question

I am a natural cynic and skeptic.  I don’t blindly share things on Facebook.  I check things out to find out if they are hoaxes.  For missing persons, I find out if they have already been found.  For campaigns and petitions, I investigate the people and organisations behind them.  My first instinct is to question […]

10 Signs You Are Getting Old

Nobody likes to admit to getting old. It takes a while to even admit to being middle aged, but some signs that you have more days behind you than ahead are unavoidable. When you open a room, cupboard or fridge door and immediately forget what you wanted. When, rather than bringing food by fork from […]