Sitting on Offence

As a middle aged British man, I have a particular perspective on political correctness, as it is, from my point of view, relatively new.   Born in the sixties and growing up, at least in media awareness terms, in the seventies, much of mainstream media was the polar opposite of what is now considered to […]

Brexit Crumbs

I voted Remain.  Leave won.  I backed the losing side in a two horse race (yes I know that is a mixed metaphor).  I am angry about the result. I feel wretched to be pulled out of something I so passionately support, but, as I am frequently told, “democracy has spoken”. The people have spoken […]

Migrant – In or Out?

In the run up to the UK referendum on EU membership, much comment has been made on the role of the British media in reporting on it, accusations of bias, of scaremongering and concerns about the vested interest of the owners of British media outlets in the outcome of the referendum. Certainly tactics employed in […]

England, whose England?

Let’s look at this Syrian thing from a different angle. I was not born in England. I made a choice a long time ago to move to England to find work. I now work in England. I live in England, I contribute to the local economy where I live. Yes, there have been periods where […]

Jeans Are The New Blank

When my wife and I first got together (a very long time ago) she used to amuse me by her insistence on ensuring bra and underpants were always a matching set. She would not go out with mismatches – not even the same colour was good enough; they were always bought as a set. I […]

A Respectful Rejection of Religion

I am an atheist.  Right, now that the controversial statement is out of the way, let me prefix the remainder of this blog post by stating that I in no way seek to undermine, decry, criticise, belittle nor refute those for whom both religion and faith are extremely important elements in their lives. I have […]