Sorry Woodstock

I feel sorry for the original hippies. Born in the aftermath of WW2 to a parental generation who had fought against a fascist and racially intolerant regime, this new generation of youngsters genuinely believed they could change the world with their message of peace and love. The movement fizzled out within a few years but […]

OK To Say Not OK

I have been fairly open with the fact that I have mental health issues. It has now been formally diagnosed as suffering with depression and anxiety and I am on a waiting list for counselling but following various self-help strategies in the meantime.  I never intended for this blog to be about mental health issues, […]

The Surface Smile

I used to think depression and anxiety were opposites.  Those with depression were morose, sad and quiet, while those with anxiety were agitated, loud and emotional. Certainly one person could not possibly have depression AND anxiety.  They were so different, that surely people could only have one or the other. How little I knew.  How […]

A Mind For Change

In 2018, the British “stiff upper lip” attitude needs to die. If your back hurts, you take a rest, maybe painkillers too. If you fall over and break your arm, you go to the hospital and get it put in plaster so why is it that so many ignore mental health problems? Yes stress, depression, […]

The Mountain Moves The Man

For the mountaineer, forced by poor weather to abandon his climb midway, the long walk back down is filled with disappointment, not for his failure to reach the summit, but the knowledge that, no matter what, he will never see it the same again.  Everything he has witnessed on the way up has already changed […]

Mr Bean Has Nothing On Us

If this story were a movie, I would have criticised it for its lack of plausibility.  Nobody has that much bad luck all at once.  Were I a superstitious type (which I am not) I would be trying to remember when I broke a mirror. The events below read like an inferior episode of Mr […]